VORGEN as BAHÇIVAN MAKİNA stepped into the machining sector in 1975. lt transterred its labour and investments to meet latle tool demand in 1988 and started the manufacturing of Tool Holders. It incorporated CNC counters with latest technology into its machinery in 1996 to meet incoming demands of market and produce products with high precision at the lowest cost.

VORGEN has a history of more than 35 years. It has a closed area of 1000m², automation assisted CNC machinery and a qualified team. It has been contributing to the conomy and industry of the country with a 100% domestic production among prominent companies in Cutting Tool Holders manufacturing system.

VORGEN aims constant improvement in production with its constantly learning and developing organization structure. Its shoulders an important role in internal and exernal markets by strengthening its management and production through ISO 9001 :2000 quality management system.

Today with this point in view VORGEN evaluates feedbacks from its customers and with a comprehensive and total quality approach, shares the pride of becoming a leading brand in both domestic and international markets with its esteemed customers and users.

1975 to Today
From Turkey to the World